Special Offers

Veronika and Shani

Veronika and Shani

English for Children

I teach children from age 8+. Together, we discuss the following topics and themes:

  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Sports
  • Parts of the body
  • Weather/Seasons
  • Daily routine
  • Much more…!

My rates for children are the same as my rates for adults. I follow the curriculum in Our Discovery Island.

If you are interested in arranging English lessons for your child, please send me an email.

English-Only Outings

Are you looking for a new way to practice your English? Do you like going out and meeting new people?

I offer special workshops for small groups of my English students. Together, we will go to an art gallery, museum, a concert, or maybe even the zoo! We will speak only in English for the whole event.

For more information about English-only outings, please send me an email.

Creative English Workshops*

Learning or practicing your English the same way every week can sometimes be a little boring.

So I created a special two-hour workshop to give a little extra spice to our normal schedule. These workshops are inspired by my work in the arts world. In each workshop, we will learn new vocabulary and have discussions about art, music, poetry, photography, and literature. Some activities include:

  • Analyzing song lyrics
  • Understanding a poem
  • Comparing two or more paintings
  • Reading a short story or novel

To learn more about creative English workshops, please send me an email.

*Intermediate and advanced students only.