About me

Leviathan Staff Portrait Winter 2011.

Portrait by Amy Kaplan

Hi, I’m Shani!

On September 1st, 2013, I hopped on a one-way flight to Prague. Now I’m living here, working as an English teacher and playing music in my spare time.

Born and raised in California, I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s Degree in both Cultural Anthropology and Jewish Studies. During college, I was the Editor-in-chief of a student magazine, and when I graduated I became an editorial intern at a non-profit magazine. Within the next few years, I intend to return to the academic world to pursue a Master’s Degree in Critical Gender Studies.

My academic interests involve analyzing structures of power and privilege, navigating the murky waters of identity politics, and exploring secularism, faith, and spirituality in relation to modernity, rationalism, and science. With my writing, I hope to pioneer a fusion of ethnography, investigative reporting, and creative fiction.

This blog mainly serves as a platform to self-publish socio-political analysis. You can also view my travel blog, where I discuss my transition from the San Francisco Bay Area to Prague.


One Comment on “About me”

  1. ivan says:

    Yeeey, Shani… such noble beautiful goals in life!!! I am so so so behind you in cracking down the dirty secrets of identity politics and nationalism and exploring your roots in Eastern Europe! Way to go girl! Love you!!!

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