Debuts: Tikkun Daily and JVP East Bay Chapter

I wish I could say that I’ve had some time to play catch-up after returning from my trip. Sadly, I believe that “catch-up” is a long-since neglected concept in my life, and that mulling things over is a thing of the past. I have, however, managed to complete a couple of tasks since I’ve come home:

  1. Check out  my debut post on Tikkun Daily, detailing my experiences with the Israeli center-left (and the ensuing despair).
  2. Here’s another Tikkun Daily blog post reflecting on an overwhelmingly troubling day of news blasts from Israel, and my role in healing Israel/Palestine. I’m hoping that this one might just be the catalyst for just giving in and making aliyah already.
  3. I had the honor of presenting my experiences at the Meretz Symposium at Jewish Voice for Peace’s East Bay chapter. I was a little concerned about how my project of reclaiming Zionism would be received, but the question and answers section was more than supportive, and in fact, informative.

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