Things I learned at the 2012 Meretz Israel Symposium

  1. Zionism is not colonialism, but it does demonstrate the dangers of nationalism.
  2. Do not dictate to the Palestinians how to resist the occupation.
  3. Until Palestine is a state, peace negotiations cannot happen.
  4. Jews must let go of the anxiety over getting Palestinians to accept the Zionist narrative.
  5. If Israel wants to resemble anything close to what it wants to become, then secular Israeli Jews need to reclaim Zionism and Jewishness.
  6. The Haredi population is out of control.
  7. A nation cannot engage in external politics without simultaneously engage in internal politics. Meaning, peace with neighbors goes hand-in-hand with inner peace. One cannot exist without the other.
  8. In Israel, most people think that being on the Left is a disease.
  9. There is no such thing as a solution in this situation. This conflict cannot be thought about in terms of a “zero-sum game” because there are an innumerable amount of constantly changing variables involved. It’s best to think of the first step towards peace as a negotiation.
  10. I am not doing Israeli politics. I am doing American politics regarding Israel. Until I make aliyah, I am an outsider giving useful, but naive recommendations.

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