Tikkun is rad and I’m the newest Fellow for PPI’s Israel Symposium

So, even though at first the name made me roll my eyes a little, it turns out that Tikkun Magazine is simply rad. I’m fitting in just right; you know, the whole shoe-string budget-overtly-controversial-flippin-the-bird-to-the-Right-and-Left-501c3 thing really resonates with my work in Leviathan back in college. It turns out that the combination of no dollars, small staff, and big mouths suits me just fine. Oh, the freedom of not giving a @#$%…

I’m most proud of this project I facilitated for Tikkun’s daily blog. Don’t let the by-line fool you, though; I didn’t write the letter, I just comissioned it and wrote the intro. It’s thrilling to see more folks condemning the attacks on free speech that is this whole “anti-Semitism at the UC” baloney, especially professors and scholars.

There’s other exciting stuff you should know about: Partners for a Progressive Israel (formerly known as Meretz) granted me a fellowship to attend their Israel Symposium. With a slap-dash fundraising stint and an archaeological excavation of Orbitz.com’s cheapest flights to Ben Gurion, looks like I’ll be covering the symposium for Tikkun in a little over one month. I look forward to brushing shoulders with Israeli and Palestinian politicians, activists, journalists, and leaders (and hopefully some of safta Marietta’s schnitzl in Haifa). As my close friend pointed out to me, this means I’m officially entering the arena of political journalism, to which I say: full speed ahead and no looking back! Who knows? Maybe I’ll even join an organization or two.

Check out this awesome video made by my very good friend, Becca Pierce, about the UC Campus Climate Report for Jewish Students. I’m in it, too!

Keep your eyes peeled. I’ve been working on a few non-Jewy pieces for this blog that should be ready within the next few weeks. I’m talking music reviews, creative fiction, and mabye even some theory-babblin’. And telling you this is going to help me actually make good on that promise.

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