Would you like to learn English with me?


My name’s Shani. I’m an English teacher in Prague.

My Story

I lived in California for my whole life. But in September 2013, I moved to Prague and started teaching English. Now I will stay here for a few more years.


‘Ever since Shani started teaching for Giramondo in 2013, we have had nothing but positive feedback from her students. What they appreciate the most is the creativity and variety she brings to the lessons, not to mention her outgoing and friendly personality. Shani is able to adapt easily to any class’ needs and loves to prepare her own teaching material, which makes her lessons very enjoyable and popular with students.

Radka Malá

Radka Malá

As a school director, what I particularly value in Shani is her zest for continuous development, reliability, precision and ability to work independently. Shani is the kind of teacher who truly cares about her students and their progress. There is no other teacher who I could recommend more.’

Radka Malá, Director of Giramondo Language School

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My Rates

Individual lessons:
500 kč / 60 min.
700 kč / 90 min.

Why did I come to Prague?

There are three main reasons:

  1. Family history. I enjoy exploring my ancestry, and my grandparents were from Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia.
  2. Beauty. I was attracted by Prague’s art, architecture, and natural light.
  3. Good timing. I knew that as a young person, now is the best time for me to travel the world and see new places.

Why do I love teaching English?

It’s very simple, actually: I love English and I love people.

As a writer, language is extremely important. Of course, I feel most comfortable communicating in my native language. As an anthropologist, culture is my passion. So being an English teacher allows me to continue my journey with the English language, while also becoming familiar with Czech culture.

In addition, English teaching comes naturally to me. My father, grandparents, and extended family are all non-native English speakers. Ever since my childhood, I can remember teaching my father and grandparents how to pronounce certain words properly. So I had a lot of experience with English teaching even before I became a teacher professionally.

My Methodology / What to Expect in a Lesson

I teach at many levels, from Elementary to Advanced English speakers. However, I specialize in Elementary English. Together, my students and I create the best curriculum for their needs. Over time, we develop a rhythm that works for both of us. The biggest challenge my students face is gaining confidence in their conversational skills.

The Czech and English languages have completely different roots, so learning the grammar rules can be a nightmare. For this reason, I create a safe and warm environment where students can feel comfortable, relax, and express themselves freely.

Books and Materials

There are many English language books available, but I prefer these three:

I also have a growing library of short stories, news articles, and essays, with levels ranging from beginning to advanced. Students also enjoy my creative selection of colorful flash cards, worksheets, and games.

More Information

Learning another language is very difficult. After years of speaking as an adult, you must become a child again. You must work very hard and have a lot of patience, but the most important thing is time.

And there is a special challenge for my Czech students: It is difficult to maintain your English, even when you don’t use it on a daily basis. I am here to guide you into to the place you want to be. If you are ready to make the commitment, I will challenge and motivate you. Or, if you only want to maintain your current level, then I will give you interesting conversation and a comfortable atmosphere.

I know how difficult speaking in another language can be because I’m learning Czech now!

Testimonials Continued

Romana Treybalová

Romana Treybalová

‘Shani is an amazing person. She enriched me not only through the English language, but also as a very intelligent, sensitive and perceptive girl with a sensible outlook on life. Thanks, Shani! I love our English lessons!’

–Romana Treybalová, Landscape gardener

‘The difference between lessons with Shani and my past teachers–in general–is the friendly atmosphere she creates.’
–Jakub Jeřábek, Project Manager